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Dishonesty is her best policy
Do not deal with Flossie DelGaone. She will back out on you when you give her "attitude."
At first Flossie seemed like a really nice lady. We were approved for an apartment. I dropped off the deposit, the lease was being drawn up the next day. While the lease was being drawn up, I get a text message letting me know that they are also needing a pet deposit of $400 for my cat. Well this was not disclosed to me at all throughout the whole month we were trying to get this apartment. Not once by Flossie when we met and she asked if I had a pet, or by my own agent who is her coworker. So I send a reply message stating that I didn't believe that it was fair that I had given my deposit, and then after told that I still had to pay an additional $400 that they forgot to mention. I get a call from Flossie. I must pay the $400. Then she offers $300. Well I want to make sure I pay the full $400, because I am an honest person, and if that is what the landlord wants, I will pay it. I ask if she can split it up. She said that would be fine. Writes it into the lease. I take over $70 to the landlords house, $33 1st and last month plus $4 because I am honest and don't want to short the landlord. I get a call a hour later from Flossie. "Thank you for your application, but we have decided to go a different route and find someone else." I ask why. "Because of the attitude you had yesterday on the phone when I told you to pay the pet deposit. I fell that you were giving a problem with the pet deposit, and to have a problem this early in, we don't want to have a problem with you later." Well, this is where I get upset. I had an attitude? Not an attitude, I was upset and stressed out because I had given them $2400 for a deposit and they ask for another $400 after the fact. Wouldn't anyone be upset? My boyfriend heard the whole conversation. she was very rude to me. Told me to stop talking and to listen, was very short with me, and wouldn't give me a straight answer.
ALL IN ALL:: I would not recommend her to my worst enemy. She should have her license pulled. And she should also get some training in customer service, and just how to be nice to people.

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